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Through out our career, we’ve worked with Thousands of clients. Here is what some of them have said about our services. If you would like to leave feedback for the work that I have done for you in the past, please feel free to use the form at the bottom of this page to do so.

This was the first year that I worked with Bayfest. From the day that I was first introduced to Lee Abbett it was a pleasure working with him. He went above and beyond what was expected of him and he did an excellent job. From a production standpoint Bayfest 2005 ran like a well oiled machine and I can honestly say that Lee Abbett contributed greatly to this. He provided excellent sound, equipment, labor and management to the Launching Pad stage. Lee was also a valued team member to the festival as a whole and I look forward to working with him on any event that he will be a part of in the future. Thanks Lee and great job!

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